The new definition of health

These days most people would define themselves as healthy if they “haven’t been diagnosed with an illness yet” but is this accurate? Is it possible to slowly become sick without any apparent symptoms?


Ever heard of the guy who was never sick a day in his life and then suddenly dropped dead of a heart attack?


Our body is an ecosystem of trillions of cells designed to work harmoniously together. In healthcare we divide the body up into different systems like the cardiovascular or urinary system but in reality everything is interconnected and there is no separation. As discussed before the vast majority of us are programmed for health so there are only two reasons why your cells would get sick. They are TOXIC in something they don’t need or DEFICIENT in something they don’t need.


All sickness can be simplified to this: Some of our cells have too much of something or too little of something. So where does this “something” come from? Our environment and lifestyle choices.


The new definition of health – All our cells are working harmoniously together in a pure and sufficient environment


The new definition of sickness – Some or all of our cells is Toxic and/or Deficient


Now that you understand these concepts we need to ask ourselves a few important questions

  1. If I am sick and I want to be well what is the most logical thing to do?
  2. If my symptoms are reduced by a drug does that mean I have become healthier?
  3. Is it possible for a drug to improve the health of my cells?


Please remember that there are times when a drug is the most appropriate intervention but it is important to understand the difference between reducing symptoms and improving health. A headache is not caused by a DEFICIENCY in paracetemol.


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