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So what is this Blog actually about?


This is a resourse of information that can make you healthier then you ever thought possible. It will teach you how to eat, move and think according to your genetic blueprint and make you well by following the laws of nature.


Each one of us is genetically designed to be lean, strong, happy and full of vitality. This is our birthright. The way that nature intended.


Unfortunately when we make lifestyle choices that are not congruent with this genetic blueprint we express poor health and over time may develop a chronic illness.


Wellness and Prevention is very simple. Give your body all its essential raw materials and stay away from things that are toxic. When you provide your body with this congruent environment through healthy lifestyle choices you will automatically express health.


This blog is for people that have chosen to help themselves and are looking for simple advise on how to prevent illness and express wellness.


But what about my “faulty” genes that I inherited?


Yes your genes do play a role in your health but not the way that most people think. There are a few truly genetic disorders but this affects only a tiny percentage of the human race. The vast majority of illness including heart disease, diabetes and cancer are based on your lifestyle choices causing a specific gene to be expressed. The gene is the loaded gun but it’s your lifestyle choices that pull the trigger. My favourite analogy to explain this was told to me by Dr James Chestnut, a true leader in wellness and prevention. Years ago the “hangover gene” was discovered. So if I have the hangover gene and you don’t does that mean that I may feel worse after a heavy night of drinking? Absolutely it does. But what if I choose never to drink alcohol? Would it be possible for me to get a hangover? No. You need the unhealthy lifestyle choice to express the gene to cause the hangover. This is why millions of woman who have the “breast cancer” gene will never get breast cancer. It is also why people in different cultures although genetically the same can have very different chronic illness rates. Our genes have not changed in 40000 years and yet Chronic illness rates have risen so how can we blame the genes? Even our children are developing these illnesses so its not because we’re living longer either.


So if our genes have stayed the same what has changed? Our environment. The way we eat, move and think has changed more in the last hundred years then in all of human history.


The only valid and logical way we can prevent illness and live long happy healthy lives is by making lifestyle choices based upon what our genetic blueprint requires.


If you want to learn what those lifestlye choices are then you are definitely in the right place.

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