Corporate Chiropractic and Wellness Services


What do we offer?

Professional on site Chiropractic and Wellness services provided by a highly qualified and experienced Chiropractor. Fees are significantly below industry standard and paid by the employees themselves. Medical Aids Accepted. There is no cost to the company.

We also offer on site Wellness training programs on all subjects related to optimising health and well being.

Main objectives

Optimising employee well being

Reducing absenteeism

Increasing productivity

Increasing patient education and awareness of the wellness lifestyle


Services Offered

Treatment of all musculoskeletal conditions

Spinal care and Postural Correction

Ergonomics assessment

Patient education on subjects such as Nutrition, Stress reduction and Exercise advise.



1. Reduces absenteeism: Back pain alone costs companies R1.2 billion per year in South Africa and is second only to influenza as a cause of absenteeism.

2. The highest quality Chiropractic care on the doorstep of your employees at a reduced fee.

3. Reduced time taken off work to see Health Professionals.

4. No cost to the company while seen to be providing a valuable service to your employees.

5. Developing a Wellness culture within your company.

6. Boosts productivity and morale of your employees



The practice of Chiropractic is based on sound scientific principles.

The most recent study, called the BEAM trial, recently published in the British Medical Journal (Nov 19, 2004: 1-8), found that Chiropractic treatment produces superior results in terms of:




Cost effectiveness

Patient satisfaction


Through Chiropractic care, patients are shown to take:

Fewer days sick leave

Spend less time incapacitated

Use less medication for pain relief

Have less chance of needing back surgery

Have less chance of the problem becoming a chronic condition.


How does it work?

The services will be offered one day per week and increased as needed. Employees will make appointments directly with Dr Delgado or one of his associates. Specialised Chiropractic equipment will be provided and all that is required is one small room to conduct consultations. This has been successfully implemented at all three Vodacom head office buildings for the last two years.

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