The Gold Standard for Health

In today’s society health can seem like a pretty complex subject. We are told Carbs are good and then we are told they are bad. Some say meat is important and others say it will kill you. We are told to avoid the sun at all costs and then we hear that it is vital to our immune system and emotional health. Do we really need a PhD just to be healthy?


If I had to ask you what a Cheetah eats what answer comes straight to your mind? Meat. Would a cheetah be sicker or healthier if it was only fed vegetables? Sicker. Would a cheetah live a longer healthier life roaming in the wild or stuck in a small cage? To most of us these answers come to us very easily. We accept that a cheetah is genetically designed to live in a certain way and if this environment is changed the Cheetah’s health will suffer.  The health of any animal is simple in this way. Have you ever heard of a group of animals getting chronic illnesses and scientists blaming it on their Genes? I doubt it.


Somehow Man has decided that we are exempt from following nature’s rules. We have created environments that are totally foreign to our genetic requirements and we still think that there should be no consequences.


So what are the genetic requirements of Man.? What is the gold standard of human health? For these answers we have to study hunter- gatherers. Hunter-gatherers are wild human beings living outside of captivity. They are genetically the same as us and are virtually free of chronic illness. Trauma, infection or starvation caused premature death and not Cancer, Heart disease and Diabetes. If they lived past their sixties they were still fully physically and mentally functional.


The reality of the situation is that we are hunter-gatherers that have been plucked out of our natural environment and strapped to a desk 8 hours per day. We eat processed food devoid of essential nutrients and deal with high levels of emotional stress on a daily basis. This would make a Cheetah sick and it is making us sick as well.

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